Casenet LogoCasenet® offers enterprise population health and care management software for health plans and other entities that share the risk of managing care for patients. The company’s platform provides care management nurses and other healthcare professionals with the ability to effectively manage patient information and ensure the management of quality care.

Healthcare industry challenges

For companies in the healthcare industry, data security, access management and the protection of patient information are critical. The Casenet platform must enable its clients to be in compliance with federal regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In addition to meeting data security requirements, the Casenet solution must also be highly available and scalable, giving clients the ability to provide quality service and care and establish a path for future growth.

With managed hosting from Internap, Casenet clients receive the confidence of a highly available, secure and scalable environment.

High availability
Casenet clients rely on the TruCare® integrated care management platform to enable them to provide the best service to their patients at all hours of the day. For clients who require hosting, Casenet offers two hosting options, client self-managed hosting or Casenet managed hosting. Both models include a primary location in Internap’s Atlanta data center and a secondary site in Santa Clara. Each component of the managed hosting environment is designed to be physically redundant to provide a highly available, always-on solution.

To further protect against failure, client data and virtual machine states are consistently replicated at the disaster recovery site. In the event that a processing node fails, virtual instances will automatically move to the next available node and continue to respond within seconds. Additionally, Internap’s Managed Internet Route OptimizerTM (MIRO) technology delivers data to end users over the most optimal path to ensure high availability and accelerated performance.

The Casenet TruCare system is a single platform for utilization, case and disease management. It exchanges data and interoperates with clients’ internal and external systems, including clinical, business and administrative. To deliver a complete view of the patient, TruCare works as a collection point of information from multiple sources and contains personal health information such as patient contact details, medications and claims. Many of these data types are covered by HIPAA, and the data are required to be maintained securely without risk of data mingling. With a private cloud environment in Internap’s Atlanta data center, Casenet clients are segmented via discreet network VLANs to ensure the privacy of each environment, allowing Casenet clients to be confident in the security of their sensitive data.

The healthcare industry is constantly changing, and Casenet clients require a hosting infrastructure with the ability to scale as business evolves. As Casenet clients continue to expand and add new business lines, scalable infrastructure from Internap allows them to provide fast access to additional CPU and storage requirements in a cost-efficient manner. Using VMware vSphere in conjunction with NetApp SAN technology, virtual machine infrastructure can easily be expanded. As a result, Casenet can provide its clients with the flexibility to grow and scale without worrying about the challenges of infrastructure expansion.

Managed hosting from Internap allows Casenet clients to focus on delivering the highest quality and appropriate care without worrying about infrastructure maintenance and security. Casenet provides its clients the flexibility to grow and scale while maintaining data security, and Internap is proud to be the infrastructure provider of choice for Casenet clients.