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Title: Delivering Hybrid Bare-metal and Virtual Infrastructure Using Ironic and OpenStack

Speaker: Boris Deschenes, Cloud Architect, Internap
This technical talk will focus on the creation of a hybridized, OpenStack-based bare-metal and virtual cloud infrastructure. As service providers strive to create more efficient ways to provision bare-metal servers and integrate them into existing infrastructure, OpenStack will play a major role.
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Title: Quickly Build and Deploy Stable Code Using Virtualized Production Environments

Speaker: Mathieu Mitchell, Senior Software Developer, Internap
When multiple users share a development environment, the ability to build and deploy stable code can be challenging. To address this problem, our team at Internap decided to build and open source a better development environment, and we call it Privatestack.
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We look forward to discussing these and other innovative topics with the community at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver.