We have seen a steady increase in demand for high power density in our data centers. In the last 12 months, the average power draw per rack has increased by 24% across all Internap data centers. The customer power draw at our Dallas facility has grown by more than 20% in the last year as well.

To continue supporting our customers’ high density power requirements, Internap has added more power and cooling capacity to our Dallas data center with a 1200kW UPS and a 350-ton chiller.

The latest capacity addition brings the total power available at the Dallas data center to 3.6MW and over 1,000 tons of cooling capability. The Dallas facility is designed to handle up to 18kW per rack configuration or 720 watts per square foot, which is a lot of energy in a small area. To put this in perspective, a kitchen oven uses around 1kW of power depending on the heating temperature.

dallas_data_centerThe advancements in processor technologies and Moore’s Law in general mean that the state-of-the-art processors can do a lot more in the same size. The high-density infrastructure at Internap facilities enables customers to upgrade to new and more powerful equipment that consumes more power but does not require additional space.

Check out our Dallas data center to learn more about the features and services available at the facility.