MIRO, internet trafficIt’s 10:45pm on a weeknight, and my four-week-old daughter is on her fifth diaper in less than two minutes. And of course, it’s the last one in the house. I considered constructing a homemade diaper out of tape, paper towels, and a small garbage bag, but my wife was displeased with the idea. So I was forced to make a trip to the store. I hopped in the car and headed for the fastest route to my destination, but there was a problem: traffic. Oh, expletive.

Traffic is not only found on the highways and roads of the world, it’s also found on the Internet. To find the fastest known route between end-points, the Internet uses Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) which works like a GPS. However, BGP does not account for traffic; meaning, the fastest known route may actually be the slowest to your end-point due to high traffic volume. This was the case in my quest for diapers – the fastest route to the grocery store was clogged with traffic.

In the same way that a GPS provides up-to-the-minute traffic updates and alternative routes to help you reach your destination, Internap’s Managed Internet Route OptimizerTM (MIRO) does this for the Internet. MIRO is a web performance optimization software that works with BGP to analyze the performance of all available routes. By including latency in the equation, MIRO identifies the best route for optimal web performance.

In my case, MIRO would have noticed that my usual route to the grocery store had traffic delays, so it would have redirected me to an alternative route. Without up-to-the-minute updates, my commute took 22 extra minutes. By the time I got home, my wife was crying, my baby was crying and once I looked into her bassinette, I was crying (like a man of course).

Time is important and timing is essential. Every day, network providers experience outages that can lead to poor performance or even downtime for you and your customers. MIRO can help you navigate around the inevitable traffic jams and deliver a high-quality online experience.