MIROEvery day, lines get cut. Every day, routers go out. Every day, every tier-one network provider has some type of outage. While many of these problems are fixed quickly, fiber cuts present a different challenge, as shown in this Level 3 Communications blog, 10 Most Bizarre and Annoying Causes of Fiber Cuts. With risks like these, what is the best way to maintain the highest level of internet performance for your business and your customers?

The causes of fiber cuts range from squirrel damage (the second most common cause according to Level 3) to a determined landowner with a shotgun and a backhoe. The list goes on and on. My favorite story was during the “Big Dig” in Boston when a contractor cut $10k of fiber so he could make his $100k bonus for completing the job that day. Ouch.

Undersea cables aren’t exempt from cuts, either. While undersea fiber allows us to email and communicate effectively across the entire world, boat anchors or even saboteurs can cause major outages and slowdowns of the internet in an entire region. But cuts aren’t the only problem – slow internet speeds in Idaho were attributed to bears scratching their backs against the towers, causing a loss of line of sight connection.

These stories are more than just amusing and informative – they highlight the risks of outages in general. With so many unpredictable events affecting internet performance, IP route optimization is the best way to ensure network availability. The foundation of Internap’s value proposition as the lowest latency network is built on the fact that we bring in up to 12 providers in every PNAP worldwide, and route optimize so that our customers are getting the absolute best route.

Internap routes around the problem areas. This is what allows us to offer a 100% proactive SLA – the best in the industry. The multi-homed network that makes up the Internap network, plus our Managed Internet Route OptimizerTM (MIRO) technology provides the fastest, most resilient network in the world. We even keep track of what’s working and what’s not in networks across the globe with our Route Performance Monitor (RPM) tool.

While we can’t prevent fiber cuts, we can help you avoid them. No squirrels can bring us down.

Image courtesy of Level 3 Communications