Mom's meatloaf and a little secret sauce called MIROGrowing up my mom made a point to make a home-cooked meal every night. You could say we were a real meat and potatoes, traditional American family. In fact, one of Mom’s specialties was her made-from-scratch meatloaf, an all-American favorite, although it was anything but traditional. You see, it included a secret sauce that made it extra special and unique from the other run-of-the-mill loafs out there. It was something that many family members have tried to duplicate, but none have yet achieved.

Until recently I hadn’t thought about Mom’s meatloaf in a long time − that is until I came to work for Internap. (I know, meatloaf and Internap in the same thought process…just go with it for now.) It turns out Internap has a secret sauce of its own and is commonly referred to as such around the office. It’s known as MIRO or Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ technology. While it isn’t as tasty as a slab of Mom’s original recipe, it definitely gets the job done when it comes to routing Internet traffic − creating an altogether different, yet satisfying experience for our customers that is both unique and hard to duplicate. A recipe for success if I ever heard one.

MIRO takes what is great about the Internet, its ability to distribute data across a robust network, and adds a kick. It leverages the diversity of our Private Network Access Point (P-NAP®) architecture to find and use the best routes across the Internet so data is delivered faster. Over the years as Internap has evolved from its roots as an enterprise IP provider to a full service IT Infrastructure provider, we’ve managed to pepper in our MIRO technology to our other services too. Our colocation is often bundled with either Performance IP™ or our Accelerated IP, known as XIP™, as is the case with hosting and cloud services. Plus, our content delivery network comes infused with our XIP service − but at the heart of it all is the technology that started it − MIRO.

So what can Mom’s meatloaf and MIRO teach us?

  1. You can’t duplicate an original: Patented by Internap, MIRO is that extra somethin’ somethin’ that you just can’t seem to find anywhere else. It’s a flavor you can’t put your finger on, but one that gives our recipe for IP an unmistakable bite.  Maybe Mom should look into a patent herself?!
  2. Stick with what works: Much like Mom is still serving up her famous meatloaf today, we’re proud to say MIRO remains the base of our suite of IT Infrastructure solutions. Even after 16 years in business we haven’t strayed from our most tried and true ingredient.
  3. Keep ‘em hungry for more: Once they sample our original enterprise IP, based on MIRO technology, customers continue to ask for seconds – which means we’ll keep dishing out heaping portions of our other performance-based technologies.

If that whet your appetite, check out these additional details on our patented MIRO technology.